To best serve our producers and consumers, Pure Food Co-op LLC collects items at the farm and makes them available for pickup from the farm. Unfortunately we had to discontinue home delivery as of December 1, 2011.

Pick-up procedure: If on your order you select the option to pick-up your items, each item will be assigned a pick up date. Please come retrieve your products any time during your pick-up day or the day after. You may come at any time during this 48 window to pick up your items for your convenience, and your items will all be appropriately labeled. Please take only the items that you have ordered and are labeled with your name. You will mark on the return sheet how many containers you returned and sign for those items you picked up.



Clean Jars: Members are responsible for cleaning their own jars and returning them ready for re-use. To qualify for the clean jar credit, jars must be spotlessly clean in appearance and scent, free from moisture, and clearly labeled with the member’s name. We reccommend scrubbing the jars well and bleaching half gallon jars with 1 Tb bleach in warm water for 2 minutes (not usually needed for gallon jars if well scrubbed immediately after emptied) Then we recommend running the jars through the dishwasher, letting dry and cool completely before replacing the lid to avoid any condensation. A large change in tempreature from hot to cold with the lid on will result in condensation inside the jar.

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