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Milk is available in easy-pour 1/2 gallon glass jars or round gallon jars. Many consumers consider glass a preferrable storage for raw milk because it protects the flavor of the milk as well as eliminating any risk of leaching chemicals found in plastic. Reusable jars also contribute to making the co-op sustainable.

Raw milk sells retail nationwide from $8-14 per gallon. Through this co-op, it is available to you at the low end of that range. Imagine eliminating frequent trips to the store for staple foods like milk and eggs, and also saving your valuable time and gas money!

All our raw milk products (cow and goat) are unprocessed, unpasteurized, and non-homogenized, as well as free from hormones and antibiotics. All our dairy animals are fed high quality grass and hay, and given little or no grain. To learn more about the nutrition and health concerns of raw milk, click here to visit our Raw Milk Information Page.

For each product offered, we have created standards to promote high quality nutrition and natural or organic practices whenever possible. These standards include practices of equipment santiation, animal feed quality, collection procedures, and responsible animal husbandry. Our producers comply with state requirements and milk quality testing, and that information is made available to members of the co-op.

If you are a producer with a new product to offer, please also let us know what you have to offer!

Product Prices and Co-op Membership:

We are NOT accepting applications at this time. If you wish to be placed ona a waiting list, please contact us.



Raw Cow's Milk:

Raw Milk is alive with fully active enzymes,
a broad spectrum of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, essential amino acids, good fatty acids, metabolically available vitamins, immunoglobulins, minerals, antioxidants, and CLA. The milk is never damaged or changed by pasteurization, homogenization, or other processing.

PRICE: $4.25 per half gallon (easy-pour)
$8.00 per gallon (round jar)

If purchased in plastic jug:
---- $8.50 per gallon
---- $4.75 per half gallon

Also if you purchase more than two gallons, each
additional gallon purchased is 30% off.

The fat content of milk varies from animal to animal, and from day to day as well as season to season, therefore products distributed by the co-op do not bear a milkfat designation such as 1% or 2%. Raw milk is offered in two simple varieties: whole and hand-skimmed. Skimmed milk is not fat-free but is comparable to 1% milk.

Raw dairy products have an average shelf life of about 10 days. Click here to visit our Raw Milk Information Page.




Raw Milk Yogurt:

This yogurt contains the vitamins and minerals found in raw cow's milk (not destroyed by pasteurization) and is rich in live probiotics. It's ready to enjoy plain or mix with your favorite sweetener (pure maple syrup, agave nectar, or fruit jam). Available for purchase in glass pint or quart jars.

PRICE: $4.50 per pint
$8.00 per quart

Raw Goat's Milk:

Raw goat's milk has a different, more easily-digested protein structure than raw cow's milk, and may be more easily tolerated by those who have an immune response to cow's milk. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids that are utilized by your body with ease.

PRICE: $6.00 per half gallon (easy-pour)
$10.00 per gallon (round jar)

If purchased in plastic jug:
---- $10.50 per gallon
---- $6.50 per half gallon

*Prices on all milk products reflect credit for cleaned, returned jars.

Farm Fresh Eggs:

We solicit producers whose flocks live as a chicken should live, with room to roam and a place to scratch. Our layers are fed grains and are able to graze when weather permits. Eggs come in a variety of browns as well as leghorn white. Cartons are recycled and reused to reduce waste.

PRICE: $3.50 per dozen*

*Prices on eggs reflect credit for returned cartons.

Farm Fresh Chicken:

These delicious meat chickens (Cornish cross) were raised in the Sand Hollow area, given access to pasture and grains, and given no drug or hormone treatments of any kind. They have been processed locally (in Fruitland) and frozen fresh. A disclosure from the producer on husbandry practices is available here.

PRICE: $4.25 per lb., avg. weight 7 lbs per bird

Grassfed Beef:

As we plan to buy from various producers as needed the packaging may vary, but this first supply of meat is pre-labeled and comes vacuum packed. The beef comes from a Middleton farmer, and is grass fed and grass finished, meaning it is never fed any grain and the animals are not given growth hormones or antibiotics. More details about the producer can be found here.

Cuts available and prices per pound are as follows:

Ground Beef $5.90/lb Sirloin Steak $10.75/lb
Tenderloin $18.00/lb Chuck Roast $8.25/lb
T-Bone Steak
$13.75/lb Stew Meat $6.25/lb
Rib Steak (bone-in) $15.00/lb London Broil $6.25/lb
Cube Steak $6.25/lb Top Round $7.50/lb
Beef Short Ribs $6.00/lb

Meaty Soup Bones
(sliced shank)


Package weights are approximately 1 lb for ground beef and tenderloins, 1/2 lb for cube steaks, T-bones at 2.5 lbs, ribs at 3 lbs and roasts at 4 lbs. Once you select your cut of meat, we will bill you for the exact weight.

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